Reduce Chance of Cancer in Dogs

In the August 2016 edition of The Whole Dog Journal (volume 19/NO.8) one of the feature articles is “Reduce Your Dog’s Cancer Risks.”   They offer great information here in four things you can do to reduce chance of cancer in dogs. I am going to talk about number 4:  Know every inch of your dog and how massage therapy can help you achieve this.

massage can reduce cancer in dogsA very important benefit of massage is that it can be diagnostic.  When we regularly massage our dogs we can detect warnings signs such as swellings that persist or continue to grow, sores that don’t heal or pain.   Catching cancer at an early stage, could be critical for your dog’s health. The more we massage our dog, the more sensitive our hands and fingers become in detecting anything that’s off balance.  Since our hands learn the feel of a healthy body, they will feel when there are any changes.You will learn to spot problems earlier and get your dog medical attention much sooner if needed.  Your dog could be easier treated and this could potentially save your dog’s life. We have all heard how some conditions and diseases are treated more easily if they are detected earlier.  Early detection is critical in cancer.  This is more important as your dog gets older.  As they age their risk of cancer increases, but massage could help reduce the chance of cancer in dogs.

Dogs love to be touched and respond to it.  Physical contact is really rewarding for your dog and massage will get them used to being handled. Touch shy animals can be difficult to treat for a veterinarian.   There are many stories from people about dogs needing to be muzzled or restrained, or being terrified of a simple check-up, let alone a complicated procedure.  Massage can help reduce this stress.

There are a few easy techniques that you can utilize for this and they are not difficult to learn.  There are many resources available such as Youtube videos, reference books or taking a learn to massage your dog class.  As a professional canine massage therapist I am a strong supporter of people learning how to massage their own dog on a regular basis.  I love to teach people how to massage their pets.  Check my website for upcoming classes.

Learning to massage dogs can reduce the chance of cancer in dogs.  There are so many benefits to your dog and to you the owner. The more you have hands on your dog with gentle massage the more familiar you will become with your dog.It can help relax him at home with cutting nails or giving a bath.  And a great benefit is that massage increases bonding and its relaxing for both you and your dog.

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