Reiki for Animals

Have you considered Reiki for animals?  First, here is a brief description of what Reiki is.

What is Reiki?

reiki for animals no touchThe word Reiki means universal life force energy.  Life force energy permeates all living forms.  It is the energy that gives vitality and sustains us.

Reiki is a simple, natural and intuitive technique for connecting this universal energy with the body’s innate powers of healing. It brings the body into a harmonious state so that our energy is balanced.  This means with Reiki we are treating the whole being, spiritually, emotionally as well as physically.  Reiki promotes the highest healing potential.  Reiki is a natural pain and stress relief, healing modality.

Reiki origins are found in the Tibetan Sutras, ancient cosmology and philosophy.  In the mid-1880s in Japan Dr. Mikao Usui,rediscovered and resumed this hands on healing art that is today the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing.

My personal experiences have made me a strong believer in this powerful, amazing healing art.  I am also a former scientist and being so did a search in the National Institutes of Health database and found several scientific research publications on the benefits of Reiki.  All studies showed that people had an improved sense of relaxation, pain relief and an overall sense of well-being as well as other benefits.  These clearly support the effectiveness of Reiki.

One of those studies measured the effects of yoga, massage, and reiki on patients at a cancer resource center.Rosenbaum MS1, Velde J2..Clin J OncolNurs. 2016 Jun 1;20(3):E77-81. doi: 10.1188/16.CJON.E77-E81.  All three services helped decrease stress and anxiety, improve mood, and enhance cancer center patrons’ perceived overall health and quality of life in a similar manner. Reiki reduced the pain of patients with cancer to a greater extent than either massage or yoga.

An exploratory study of reiki experiences in women who have cancer was still another study.  Kirshbaum MN1, Stead M2, Bartys S3.Int J PalliatNurs. 2016 Apr 2;22(4):166-72. doi: 10.12968/ijpn.2016.22.4.166.

Key themes identified were:

  • limited understanding of reiki prior to receiving any reiki
  • release of emotional strain during reiki-feelings of a release of energy
  • a clearing of the mind from cancer, inner peace/relaxation, hope, a sense of being cared for
  • experience of physical sensations during reiki such as pain relief and tingling
  • physical, emotional and cognitive improvements after reiki, such as improved sleep, a sense of calm and peace, reduced depression and improved self-confidence.


Findings suggest that reiki could be a beneficial tool in the self-management of quality of life issues for women who have cancer.

Overall, the sessions were felt helpful in improving well-being, relaxation, pain relief, sleep quality and reducing anxiety. Offering Reiki therapy in hospitals could respond to patients’ physical and emotional needs.

Reiki for Animals

reiki for animalsReiki or universal life energy is the same for humans, plants, and animals.  Animals of every kind are responsive to Reiki: dogs, cats, horses, chickens, wild animals (distant treatment of course) and my teacher has even given a Reiki treatment to a tiger.  Reiki for animals proves its effectiveness as animals do not respond to placebo, suggestion, or belief.  Although animals may have a past, they live in the present moment.  In Reiki we do not process or concentrate on past experiences, we accept them and move on.

Reiki for animals can help with many symptoms, physical and emotional.  Reiki can be beneficial in pain relief and relieving travel sickness.  It is also effective in reducing stress, such as anxiety before a vet visit or an oncoming thunderstorm.  Understanding an animal’s situation is also important. Sending Reiki to the situation or to the caretaker/owner can also be effective.

Reiki for animals treatment can be done in different ways.  The method will depend on the situation and temperament of the animal.

The animal can be near for hands on treatment.  The owner can hold a smaller animal such as a dog or cat.  Reiki for animals can be offered at a distance or remotely. An animal can be in a crate or stall. With this method you can offer Reiki to wild animals too.

Every animal is unique in how they respond to Reiki. They will often deeply relax, get quiet and seem to let go and sometimes fall asleep.  Sometimes they will walk away for a short time and then come back.  They will decide when a session is over, when they have had enough and will indicate this by getting up and walking away.


I studied Usui Reiki with Dr. Barnsley Brown with Spirited Solutions, Chapel Hill and have achieved the Level 3 Reiki Master level certification. Want to know more about reiki for animals?  Call me at 919-452-3467.

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